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Executive Coaching is a powerful, personalised management development tool that complements so many of the activities that SMEs undertake:

People development
  • Management and leadership development courses
  • Senior team and Board development
  • 'New manager' support
  • Team leader development
  • Graduate training programmes
  • Team building activities

People review

  • Appraisals and performance reviews
  • 3600 feedback

Organisational change

  • Change programmes
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New ways of working

In fact, any challenges involving 'people' or 'processes' 

Hot topic: Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working generally refers to working away from the workplace 2 or 3 days a week - and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

But how does it affect managers?


Some say Hybrid Working needs a particular style of management, possibly "the greatest shift in management and leadership in 200 years" (Jo Owen).


This guide gives further information: CIPD Hybrid Working: Practical Guidance


So, how ready are the managers in your organisation?

How to be the Perfect Manager? (free resource)

A manager can use this self-coaching resource to gain insights into what type of manager they are...or could be...or maybe even SHOULD be...

What managers have achieved using my Executive Coaching

Operating more effectively in the organisation

Navigation of complex team dynamics

Exploration of aspirations and goals

Opening the mind to new ways of thinking

Becoming more courageous

Challenging perceived limitations

Increased motivation 

Renewed energy and fulfilment

My skills, knowledge and experience

I am an Executive Coach (Accredited by the Association for Coaching) and have been successfully coaching individuals for many years.


I have a wealth of knowledge in group dynamics and personal behaviours that helps me to understand and explore organisations, teams and individuals.


I have held senior management roles in a wide range of industries which provides a solid foundation for my coaching of people in similar roles.


I have a Masters in organisational development, and a further Level 7 qualification in executive coaching and leadership.


References from a range of clients can be provided upon request.


You can find out more details about me, together with my LinkedIn profile, by clicking here.

A free taster session is available


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