Seven Sisters, Sussex

Case studies

Financial services company

Originally, the coaching was for a couple of aspiring directors, but this grew as I was asked to expand my work to all the company's senior managers. I worked closely with the Managing Director in support of the company's strategic journey, which also meant the coaching was integrated into the performance appraisal process.

NHS Regional Leadership Academy

As an executive coach, I supported and developed existing and rising senior leaders across London for several years. Having been a senior NHS manager myself, I was also able to act as a mentor on a BAME programme for aspiring senior leaders, and I also provided 360 facilitation and coach supervision.


For several years I have been helping GPs manage their career beyond medicine. Whilst ostensibly career coaching, this has often involved 'life' coaching and necessitated significant sensitivity.


"Our management team has demonstrated significant improvements in their approach, and this has been galvanised by Ian’s coaching. Ultimately we have experienced the benefits of year on year growth during the programme, which can in part be directly attributed to these improvements to our management and leadership team." LP (Managing Director)


"I have been able to create a team at work which is now less divided and we are now working towards being a co-operative and functional team." JW (Senior Manager)

Association for Coaching

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