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Sometimes, all you need is someone to ask the right question....and to listen....really listen....without judgement....without telling you what to do.


Maybe you need a safe space, to really discover yourself, and what you are capable of...

maybe you are at a crossroads...

maybe you have unfulfilled ambitions...

maybe you are in a challenging environment...

maybe you have nagging doubts...

Maybe you just need time to think...


Maybe you need someone to be honest and challenge your blind spots and preconceptions...


That's where coaching can help.


And, afterwards, you will leave with greater clarity, a sense of purpose and a plan. 


As for me, well, coaching is my way to help people like you on the start of a new journey.


Why not get in touch?

Who has come to me for coaching?

  • a manager trying to deal with new owners bringing in a culture change
  • a Managing Director wanting to encourage more decision-making in their senior team
  • a recently promoted team leader struggling with their new responsibilities
  • a supervisor wanting to improve motivation in their team
  • a newly appointed Chief Executive dealing with their transition into leadership
  • a manager having a mid-life career crisis
  • a senior manager wanting to find a permanent position

What my clients are saying...

LP, Managing Director

"The coaching I have received from Ian has enabled me to feel increasingly confident and comfortable in my ability as a director and leader."

MB, Senior Administrator

"I really saw the benefit of the way Ian works – encouraging me to work out what changes I can make myself, rather than instructing me in what I should do. The main thing I realised is that it’s me who is doubting my effectiveness and putting the pressure on myself, not anyone else."

MM, NHS Educator

"At no time during my coaching sessions did I ever feel Ian was making a judgement or did not understand what I was saying"

KB, UK Hospice

"Ian was brilliant at asking the right questions at the right time and often skilfully guided me towards answering my own questions. Sometimes I realised I’d known the answer all along, but hadn’t quite made the connections or vocalised it before."


For details on my own journey through life click here.


It's a twisting tale of data communications, schools, senior management, grandchildren, academia and steam engines...

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