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Executive Coaching is management and leadership development - but it's tailored to your specific needs

"Ian takes the time to encourage you to think about issues in a different light and enables you to come to your own conclusions to solve management issues."

"Ian created a positive environment for me to learn about myself, to understand my needs and to plan a journey to achieve what I wanted. With his coaching support I was able to build decision-making skills and learn to make life positive choices."

"When I was struggling with something I needed to do at work but couldn’t quite figure out the best way to do it, Ian helped me to think things through and put a plan together. This meant I was able to know where to go next, what I needed to do and how to produce work that I was happy with."

"I won't tell you how to do your job!"

Executive Coaching

  • it's helping people to help themselves

  • it's a confidential one-to-one conversation
    • that's tailored to you and your situation
      • containing a blend of support and challenge


  • it's a conversation with a purpose


A coach has been likened to someone 'walking alongside' you:

  • it's not about giving advice
  • it's not about therapy


  • but it is about shaping your future
  • and it is about change

How is it organised?

A coaching contract can be:

  • a fixed number of sessions (often four to six)
  • a more open-ended arrangement


Sessions are:

  • every month or so, but the frequency is tailored to the needs of the organisation and the individual.
  • 90 minutes (the usual 1 hour session is seldom long enough - and the extra 30 minutes is for free)

The organisation, or the individual's manager, can choose the degree of involvement in the choice of topics or objectives, and similarly with the degree of feedback provided.


The coaching may form part of a development initiative for an individual, or even the whole organisation.


This will all get agreed as part of the contracting conversation.

The sessions can take place:

  • at your work premises
  • at a local venue of your choice
  • online (Teams, Zoom etc.)

A free taster session is also available

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