Ian Mercer

Executive Coach


Supporting managers with

  • team dynamics

  • leadership development

  • career direction

How to be the Perfect Manager?

Request your free copy of this self-coaching resource to gain insights into what type of manager you are...or could be...or maybe even SHOULD be...


And that's probably even more important in this world of Hybrid Working, which some say needs a particular style of management, possibly "the greatest shift in management and leadership in 200 years" (Jo Owen).

I provide:

  • Executive Coaching
  • At affordable prices
  • For managers in SMEs
  • I'm based in Sussex
  • I deliver nationwide 
  • Via Teams/Zoom or face-to-face

I have experience in a wide range of organisations:

  • engineering and manufacturing
  • secondary education
  • healthcare
  • financial services
  • charities

I am:

  • Masters qualified
  • Accredited by the Association for Coaching
  • and have been coaching for over 10 years.

"The coaching I have received from Ian has enabled me to feel increasingly confident and comfortable in my ability as a director and leader." LP (Managing Director, Financial Services)

Hot topic: Online coaching

Recent events have encouraged the adoption of online coaching (Teams, Zoom etc.), and while not as 'personal' as a conversation over coffee, my clients have found it offers several advantages, especially regarding travel.


It will, therefore, remain alongside face-to-face sessions.

Association for Coaching
Institution of Engineering and Technology
Chartered Engineer
Association of Professional Compliance Consultants
MGAA Supplier
Gatwick Diamond Business
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